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Axel Achten // multimedia artist

First : welcome to! The objective of this personal website is to offer visitors and potential employers detailed examples of my work and of recent projects I worked on.

These pages have been designed to be simple and attractive, and to provide informations about myself and about what I do. The whole website is actually being updated very often with details about my very latest personal and professional work and/or participations in various multimedia projects.

These projects include web development, photography, video editing, web design, graphic design, art direction, and more.

Of course, the portfolio page is the interesting one. I divided it into two parts : first, two sample galleries showing off examples of visual work and projects (photography, web design and graphic design). Second, a list of all recent projects I worked on, with details and (if possible) relevant links.

Note : the galleries are only containing a few work and/or personal projects samples, many recent projects might NOT figure into these galleries but ONLY into the complete, detailed list (for example : web development projects, which are quite not visual).

Finally, my resume is also available here (in french only).

Thanks for dropping in, and enjoy your visit!

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